Hey Guys, Welcome to our website. Sketching runs in my blood, my family is filled with artists. My mum, dad and my younger brother are superb sketchers. My dad’s one of the best portrait artists I know and my mum is a noteworthy painter. I have been sketching ever since I was little and love trying new things every time. I studied together with Vaisakh in the Indian High School in Dubai where we originally founded this page together. We split and went on our career journeys and took some time off. I did my Civil Engineering in the Vellore Institute of Technology in India and I am currently doing my Masters In Construction Project Management in Loughborough University based in the United Kingdom. Vaisakh and I started this page on facebook and we have grown it together to what it is today, we sold drawings to local buyers based in Dubai, but now we want to make it international. We are looking forward to setting the site up properly so we can have online purchases real soon. We will continue to post new sketches once everything gets back online soon. Hoping the same response we got from you guys as before. Looking forward to 2020 VnV-Arts Revamp.


- Vineeth Sv




"Art is a Language that everone can enjoy but only some can understand." 
Hi Guys, Vaisakh Here. I am a Self taught Artist hailing from Palakkad, Kerala. I am currently working as an Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist. I have learnt Carnatic Music for 12 years under the tutelage of various music teachers. I've had the chance to be the Lead Vocalist of several bands like HAVANAS, TECHNICOLOR and DECIBEL while I was in high school. I do a bit of Voice Impressions too in my free time. Art and Music has influenced me in a way like nothing else has. I started my Artistic Journey a long time back. My Mother, rather than using a Picture Book of Animals and Birds, she used to draw pictures of them and teach me their names. This started at a very young age and I was always fascinated by her drawings. Then I started to draw things that usually any small boy would draw initially, and then the passion grew on me. I started drawing Tribal Tattoos when I was in high school. Sometimes I used to bring it to class and stick it up on the notice boards. Then it all became a craze for me. My close bud Vineeth, the Co-Founder of our page, at that time who also used to draw insanely well (No Joke) came up to me and proposed a plan of starting a Facebook page under the banner of VnV Arts ( Taking inspiration from the first letter of our names). I immediately agreed and our page came to life in 2012. Apart from sketching tattoos, I usually paint in my free time, usually by using Acrylic Medium. For Freehand Tribal Tattoo Sketches, I mainly use Pencils and Black Sharpies. Each Sketch takes about 2 hours each including the detailing works. That's all for now, will keep you updated on the new sketches.. 
Peace .
-Vaisakh Ram


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